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Year 2014-2017

Professional training at Balleteatro contemporary school in Oporto (equivalent to secondary school)

Several shows and workshops with dancers from the area (Né Barros, Flávio Rodrigues, Cristina Planas Leitão ...);


Year 2015-present

Member of the RPDancers group;


2017 Year

1st place in the EDC competition with the RPDancers group;

Winner of TVI's Let's Dance! Let's Dance!

Recording of the generic "Golden Globes" SIC;

Dancer in the "Golden Globes" with HMB in SIC;

Recording of the generic of the telenovela "A Herdeira" in TVI;

Dancer invited in the concert of C4 Pedro;

Works for PLW (Fc Porto);

Protagonist of a video of "Online Dance Company powered by Millennium BCP"


2018 Year

Dancer on TVI's TV show "Your Face Is Not Strange";

Works for the company PLW (Fc Porto / SC Braga);

Performing Gala Rangers (Corpore Dance Company);

Commercial video recording for Micaela Oliveira;

Participation in the world championship dance with the group Corpore Dance Company with 11 choreographies, 10 medalhadas, with qualification for the final phase in Barcelona;

Participation in Hip Hop International with the group RP Dancers (2nd place - final stage in Phoenix, USA) (August);

Dancer at the "Eurovision" Festival;

Ballerina in the videoclip of Pabllo Vittar with Titica;

Participation in Rock in Rio on the street dance stage with the group RPOriginalz;

Final phase of the Dance World Cup in Barcelona with the group Corpore Dance Company (2 gold medals, 1prata, 2 bronze);

Final round of the Hip Hop World Championship in the United States (18th place),

Dancer with the artist Carlos Costa at the Eurovision live concert (Setúbal);

Choreographer in the edition of Portugal Fashion in the parade of "Cristina Ferreira";


Dancer of singer David Carr